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Making mathematics magical for primary school children

Einstein once said that the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible. What he meant by this was that the entire workings of our external reality can be precisely described in the language of mathematics. Put simply, science and maths are intimately linked.

Therefore as a semi-retired academic scientist with over 30 years in active biological research, I have a real passion to help children love and understand mathematics. Magical maths provides fun club material for primary school children of all ages and abilities.

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Yet despite all the fun stuff, as a company that deals with primary school children, we also have all the appropriate safe guarding and health and safety procedures in place. If you want to read through the various documents relating to child safe guarding, risk assessments (including new documents relating to the Covid-19 pandemic) and insurance cover please refer to the table of documents below.

Insurance and Risk Assessment Documents

Insurance Documents

Insurance Certificate 2022
Policy Summary 2022
Policy Wording 2022
Statement of Facts 2022
Policy Schedule 2022

Magical Maths South Manchester Conditions of Sale
Risk Assessment 2020 – 2021
Covid-19 Risk Assessment
Covid-19 Policy
Staff Recruitment Letter
Child Protection Policy
NSPCC Staff Training Document