A Magical Maths Update

The central aim of Magical Maths is to inspire young primary school children to enjoy learning mathematics. This aim has been vastly disrupted over the last two years by Covid-19 and has meant that we have been largely unable to conduct clubs for most of 2020 and 2021.

However, during this time a very important change was made to the franchise. Its ownership was taken over by two excellent Franchisees, Mark and Katherine Wheway.

Mark and Katherine Wheway
Mark and Katherine

This is excellent news for the Franchise because Mark and Katherine bring lots of new ideas on how to make Magical Maths club material even better than it was before.

Since taking over the Franchise late in late 2020, Mark and Katherine have completely rejigged all the club material; retaining only the best activities that have been tested over years of clubs while also adding some of their own material.

In the meantime, while I personally have not been able to run many clubs, it has given me the time to focus on one or two schools carefully testing the new material and formats and so making sure it is maximally engaging for all students no matter what their mathematical ability.

I can now say that the new assembly, one day class presentation, and 5 week club formats are the best material we have ever presented and it has been personally gratifying to see just how many children have enjoyed and benefitted from our clubs.

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