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Word Mol 1 is a Microsoft word addin that makes Word into a simple Molecular biology program. The addin allows you to calculate the molecular weight of a DNA sequence, reverse complement it, put it into codon spacing, search it for multiple restriction enzymes and finally perform a virtual cloning experiment.

This program is available as a free download by clicking on the link directly above the product image . However, if after using it you have found it useful, please consider giving a one off donation towards its development. You can donate as little as £2 or more, if you are feeling generous, by simply increasing the number of units ordered.


In the first few years of the 21st century, I was working on a molecular biology project to create a probe that could detect protein changes in living cells in real time. The project went by the acronymn LADDERS (Live Antigen Detection Duel Epitope Reporter System) but that is another story.

To help me work up various cloning strategies, I wrote a useful Word addin that allows you to open DNA sequence files and do basic molecular biology manipulations. The program even allows you to do a virtual cloning experiment including checking for the conservation of reading frame.