The Metaphysics of Physic Part III: Compaction

In my first two videos I presented the four presuppositions that underpin the scientific method. These axioms all started with the letter “C” and were:

  1. Coherence
  2. Co-existence
  3. Correspondence
  4. Conservation

This week we move to our first actual tool of science which goes by the one word summary of “compaction” or its better known term Occam’s razor. In this video I explore various toy models of universes and show why Occam’s razor is necessary in terms of keeping scientific explanations as compact as possible in relation to the data they are trying to explain.

The effect of Occam’s razor is to make the scientific method reductionistic. I further present one of Richard Dawkin’s ideas that he calls hierarchal reductionism and then ask the question “what would an entity look like to the scientific method if in fact it could not be reduced to more fundamental component parts. I call such an entity complexion and then speculate that perhaps our universe does have such an entity and that is our own personhood or phenomenological consciousness.

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