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Day 133: Maggie May, Rod Stewart

“All you did was wreck my bed and in the morning kicked me the head.” Such romantic lyrics. This is a live version of the song which begins with a slower melody than the origin album version. Another cool thing... View Article

Day 132: Bette Davis Eyes, Kim Carnes

I always think Kim Carnes is the female version of Rod Stewart (in terms of voice of course). Ahh just realised I haven’t posted a song from Rod Stewart yet!

Day 131: If you love someone, set them free, Sting

After all the letters Sting received from couples saying how “Every Breath you take” was such a romantic song that captured the dynamics of their relationship Sting apparently in dismay exclaimed “why do people misunderstand my bloody music?”. In order... View Article

Day 130: Every breath you take, The Police

This song has an interesting back story. Sting wrote this song about totalitarian regimes that keep tight control over their population through extensive surveillance. However, after this song was released, Sting received lots of letters from starry-eyed couples saying how... View Article

Day 129: In the air tonight, Phil Collins

Another great concert I was able to see back in the 80s. I remember Phil Collins opening his concert with synchro drumming (Phil Collins is a very accomplished drummer so he was on stage with another drummer). They then went... View Article