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Day 175: New York, New York (Ryan Adams)

So I have one of Ryan Adams albums but this song wasn’t on it. The song from the album I was searching for is called “Gimme something good” but while searching for it, this song popped up. The opening credit... View Article

Day 174: Ain’t no love, David Gray

Staying on a fairly dark theme I am afraid there are times when I can relate to this song. While intellectually I am a Christian and emotionally I shall never surrender my final hope in goodness ultimately triumphing over evil,... View Article

Day 173: The final Cut, Pink Floyd

In the 80s Pink Floyd released what was then to be their last album entitled “The Final Cut”. This represent the point where Roger Waters left the band. Some years later the remaining members of Pink Floyd released another album... View Article

Day 172: The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

A bit of a change in genre from my last song. I really like this song. Kenny Rogers creates a really strong image in this song of a mysterious old gambler on a train to nowhere giving his advice to... View Article

Day 171: Pacify her, Melanie Martinez

This is someone that my daughter listens to but I do find her voice and style fascinating. Her musical ideas are also interesting. She seems to have a U.S.P. of taking baby and child-like ideas and weaving them into adult... View Article

Day 170: The Establishment’s blues, Rodriguez

Yes we seem to be living in a time when most establishments are having problems. This song kind of captures the feeling of emotional overload one feels when reading a modern newspaper. The temptation is always to take Sixto’s advice... View Article