Week 26

12th — 18th of September 2020

Day 182: Creep, Radiohead

A dark song from Radiohead. To me the meaning of this song is ambiguous. I guess the simple interpretation is that he thinks he is a creep as he looks upon the woman he loves who he knows he is totally unworthy of. Yet another interpretation is one of deep sarcasm where he is processing …

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Day 181: You’ve got a friend, James Taylor

This song is actually another Carol King classic which also appeared on her Tapestry album (see yesteday’s post). However, I also really like Jame’s Taylor’s version of the song. In this post I have also included Carol King’s version as well. James Taylor Carol King

Day 176: Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), John Lennon

Another one of John’s song from his Double Fantasy album which came out only shortly before he was assassinated in New York. I also wonder what this genius would have produced if he had lived another 30 or so years. Sadly we shall never know.

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