Week 37

28th of November — 4th of December 2020

Day 259: Rockaria, Electric Light Orchestra

A great song by ELO which really shows their full synthesis of rock with classical music. Sadly the sound quality of this official video is surprisingly poor but I guess this is because it was made in 1976.

Day 258: Brass in Pocket, The Pretenders

“????Make you, make you make you notice. Gone is my arms, gone is my legs, gone is my style .. cause I’m going to make you see no else here no one like me.????”

Day 257: Revolution, The Beatles

This is the grunge version of the famous song that appears on the White album. Actually there is a surprising number of Beatles videos on the internet given they really didn’t do many public appearances post about 1965. Truly I never get tired of this band that is arguably the greatest rock band of all …

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Day 255: November Rain, Guns N’ Roses

Time for some Gun’s and Roses? The story of this song is not fully evident until you watch the video until the very end but it involves “matches and dispatches” without the “hatches” ????.

Day 254: Rocket Man, Elton John

Another song from the piano man, Rocket Man. This is such a great version of this wonderful song when the young Elton John still had his voice. The piano in this video is also just wonderful.

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