Week 39

12th — 18th of December 2020

Day 273: Time’s are a changing, Bob Dylan

Never have I wanted the main lyric of this song to be true as in 2020. I so much hope and pray that the wicked spell of far right politics is broken in 2021. So tired of the Trump’s, Putin’s and Johnson’s of this world.

Day 271: Angel of the Morning, Juice Newton

Another very beautiful song from the 1980s. I beginning to think that perhaps the 80s was one of the best decade for contemporary music or perhaps, more likely, it was just my formative years when I was developing my musical taste and collecting lots of albums.

Day 270: It’s Magic, Pilot

OK so this song is at the extreme end of pop. Some may argue the worst of the seventies. I include this song however for a very specific reason. My autistic daughter is unable to hold a conversation so understanding what she is thinking and feeling can be challenging at the best of time. Yet …

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