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Day 28: Bittersweet, Hoodoo Gurus

“You are my sword your love is its own reward…“ PS Take some ear defenders if you see these guys in concert they record and play very loudly!For you Simon Beard

Day 27: Khe Sanh, Cold Chisel

Another great Australian band. This song captures the real sadness of the wondering spirit who is yet to find its home. “I’ve been back to South East Asia, but the answer sure ain’t there.”“Well the last plane out of Sydney... View Article

Day 25: US Forces by Midnight Oil

This song needs no introduction. And what a fantastic backdrop for the Oils to perform live in. This one is for all my Felly friends with special mention to Simon (Happy birthday mate), Jodi, Tani, Adrian, Anne, Matt, Fiona and... View Article

Day 24: Shutdown by Australian Crawl

So continuing my Aussie band theme you can’t get more Australian than a band that named itself after God’s own country! I have been singing the chorus to this song often over the last month for obvious reasons. Good luck... View Article

Day 22: How to Make Gravy by Paul Kelly

So on Thursday I posted a song by probably the greatest wordsmith of rock and roll, Bob Dylan. Yet this Australian give the great Dylan a run for his money in my opinion. For my UK friends, his music is... View Article