Week 49

20th — 26th February 2021

Day 342: My Sharona, The Knack

Another late 70s classic, This song certainly dominated the radio airwaves and is one of those classic dance tunes which is wheeled out by every DJ at a wedding reception at about 11:30 pm when everyone is in a dancing mood

Day 341: Roxanne, The Police

Wow how could I have left this song for so long. What an absolute rock classic. Love the upstroke guitar strum throughout the song. Probably one of the best Police songs ever.

Day 340: Jenny, Tommy Tutone

So yesterday I cited the song “Rikki Don’t lose that number” by Steely Dan and that song reminded me of this famous one hit wonder by the band Tommy Tutone. I think the chorus of this song is quite clever with the girl’s telephone number plastered all over it: 8675309. I always wondered whether there …

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Day 339: Rikki Don’t lose that number, Steely Dan

This is the first song by Steely Dan to appear in Covid Island Discs and perhaps his best known song. This song very much reminds me of another song that has the telephone number theme to its lyrics. I will cite that song in tomorrow’s Covid Island Disc.

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