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Day 343: Rubber Bullets, 10CC

I think to finish off week 49 we should have another song by the UK band 10CC. This song certainly fits the upbeat feel of the songs I have cited this week. Another song which will get people on a... View Article

Day 342: My Sharona, The Knack

Another late 70s classic, This song certainly dominated the radio airwaves and is one of those classic dance tunes which is wheeled out by every DJ at a wedding reception at about 11:30 pm when everyone is in a dancing... View Article

Day 341: Roxanne, The Police

Wow how could I have left this song for so long. What an absolute rock classic. Love the upstroke guitar strum throughout the song. Probably one of the best Police songs ever.

Day 340: Jenny, Tommy Tutone

So yesterday I cited the song “Rikki Don’t lose that number” by Steely Dan and that song reminded me of this famous one hit wonder by the band Tommy Tutone. I think the chorus of this song is quite clever... View Article

Day 338: When God made me, Neil Young

Although I keep up to date with my Covid Island Disc blog, I am way behind on my summary videos for each week. When recording the summary video for week 20, the artist I focussed on was Neil Young. In... View Article

Day 337: Sylvia’s Mother, Dr Hook

So last week I shared a classic hit from the 70s from the US band Dr Hook. This is another one of their not so well known song that tells an interesting story about a guy who has lost the... View Article