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Day 42: I get knocked down, Chumawamba

This song is for all those Oak hall ski companions and the wonderful memories of fantastic ski holidays in Switzerland. One year we performed this song to these changed lyrics. “I get knocked out but get up again and I’m... View Article

Day 40: Forty by U2

OK as we hit the day 40 milestone thought I might as well take a break from my one hit wonders theme and share something fitting for today. “This is forty sing it with me……How long to sing this song?“

Day 39: Working in a Coalmine, Devo

The original song was performed by Lee Dorsey and was a number one in the 1966 singles charts – the year I was born. And here is the original 1966 hit

Day 38: Tones and I by Dance Monkey

OK this is not normally within my musical taste but alas it is a clip that my autistic daughter often listens to. In a strange way I find this song interesting although I probably wouldn’t invest in buying an album.... View Article