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Day 419: Man in the Moon, REM

This is a great little song by REM. I remember when it came out I was working as a PhD student at the University of Manchester. I have a very distinct memory of doing tissue culture work with another scientist... View Article

Day 418: High and Dry, Radiohead

Time for another song from Radiohead. This is the third time I have cited them in Covid Island Discs. This is one of those mellow songs I guess you would listen to over a bottle of red wine after you... View Article

Day 417: This is Gospel, Panic at the Disco

So this is the second time Panic at the Disco has appeared in Covid Island Discs. This is Gospel is certainly quite an interesting song lyrically and Brendon’s voice is of course exceptional given his huge vocal range.

Day 415: Our House, Madness

Time for another Madness classic: Our House. Madness always wrote about very pedestrian subjects and yet lyrically this song is still interesting. The other great thing about Madness classics was the brass section.

Day 414: Heart of Gold, Neil Young

To open week 60, I shall start with probably one of the most famous Neil Young songs of his very large repertoire which is Heart of Gold. This concert was recorded for the BBC all the way back in 1971... View Article