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Day 434: Melancholy Man, The Moody Blues

This is the second time I have cited a Moody Blues song. This is a very pretty song but much less well known than their classic Nights in White Satin. Another song which has an interesting musical progression with the... View Article

Day 433: Sugar Man, Rodriguez

So one of my artist biographies is on the fascinating life of Sixto Rodriguez who became famous for his music in South Africa and Australia but was unknown in his own country of the USA. Bizarrely it was rumoured that... View Article

Day 431: Life for rent, Dido

I think this song from Dido is interesting lyrically. It captures well the modern angst of trying to form a permanent relationship with someone while simultaneously wanting to hold onto your independence. An impossible balancing act for some.

Day 430: Thank U, Alanis Morissette

I think this is probably Alanis’ best song of all. I really love the musical progression and the intensity of the chorus especially where she jumps notes at the point “thank you 🎵 disillusionment”

Day 429: Runaway, The Corrs

Time for another song from Irish group the Corrs. A very pretty song sung by three very beautiful sisters and their brother. Bit like the inverse tale of Cinderella with Jim being the guy with 3 beautiful rather than ugly... View Article

Day 428: I’m on my way, The Proclaimers

I think part of the attraction of the Proclaimers has to be their very, very Scottish accents. A great little number although unfortunately, I could not find a videoclip of the song on Youtube so this embedded video is only... View Article