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Day 441: Tainted Love, Soft Cell

Time for a trip down memory lane with this 80s rock classic. Tainted love first appeared on the Australian radio airwaves in 1981. At the time a good friend and mine were avid listeners of the Sydney radio station 2SM... View Article

Day 439: Lyin’ Eyes, The Eagles

Surprised I have not cited this Eagles classic before now. This song was the 5th track on their One of these nights album and is certainly one of their classics. Apparently the inspiration for this song came about as follows:... View Article

Day 437: Everybody’s changing, Keane

Yesterday I cited a Travis song. Not sure why but Travis and Keane always remind me of each other so I thought it was therefore time for another Keane song. This is also the second time Keane has appeared in... View Article

Day 436: Sing, Travis

This is a nice little number by the band Travis. This is the second song of their to appear in Covid Island Discs. Like their video to

Day 435: Crazy, Icehouse

So let’s kick of week 63 with a song from the Australian group Icehouse. The video to this song is also pretty cool although I think Iva Davies got the opening idea of his video from the horror movie Play... View Article