Day 351: All those years ago, George Harrison

OK kicking off week 51 I think it is time for another George Harrison song. This song is quite touching as George looks back on the Beatle years and sings about his love for John Lennon who he “always looked up to.” Sadly, like John, he is no longer with us. >

Day 340: Jenny, Tommy Tutone

So yesterday I cited the song “Rikki Don’t lose that number” by Steely Dan and that song reminded me of this famous one hit wonder by the band Tommy Tutone. I think the chorus of this song is quite clever with the girl’s telephone number plastered all over it: 8675309. I always wondered whether there …

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Day 306: Be good Johnny, Men at Work

Men at work are probably known in most countries as a one hit wonder band with their most famous song being Down Under (Covid Island Discs day 30). However in Australia they did have other hits, and this was one of them.

Day 271: Angel of the Morning, Juice Newton

Another very beautiful song from the 1980s. I beginning to think that perhaps the 80s was one of the best decade for contemporary music or perhaps, more likely, it was just my formative years when I was developing my musical taste and collecting lots of albums.

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