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Day 378: El Shaddai, Amy Grant (Good Friday)

Well I never thought I would be doing a second Covid Island Disc post on Good Friday. Given it is Good Friday, it seems only appropriate to share a song that is related to the Christian story of the creator God who redeems humanity via the death of his son Jesus of Nazareth around AD 30 in Roman occupied Jerusalem. Whether the story is true or false is something that every individual, who hears the story, must decide for themselves. However, if it is true, then it offers us an incredible hope that this present life, with all its pain and suffering, is not the final reality of our existence but there is a much greater and better reality that awaits us if we can just embrace the message of the gospel story which simply calls us to say sorry and to recognise that the creator of this incredible universe has the right to rule it.

Amy Grant is probably one of the most famous Christian artists within the mainstream musical industry and I have already cited one of her songs It takes a little time on day 184 of Covid Island Discs.

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sung this in Jerusalem in a Baptist church…lovely song.

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