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Day 331: Heaven, Bryan Adams

I remember exactly what I was doing when I first heard this classic track from Brian Adams. I was working in a Woolworths shop in a place called Manly (Sydney Australia). It was a University vacation job and I was working on the back cash register (from here it was about a 3 minute walk to the glories of Manly beach). If only I appreciated the beauty of that wonderful place as I do now. For some reason I associated this song with a girl I used to like at the time even though the lyrics were completely inapplicable because we never actually went out. Ironically, the line in the song that resonated with me (and which now brings a smile to my face) is the line “thinking about our younger years”. I first met this girl when we were both at school in about ’82. Apparently the song was released in 1984 although I definitely couldn’t have heard it on the Aussie charts until 1985 as this was my first year at the University of Sydney. As a very young 19 year old, 3 years was like a lifetime ????.


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