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Day 325: Lights of Home, U2

Wow! So at the moment I am filling in missing years where I have no song in Covid Island discs that were published for a particular year. Up until today, 2017 was one such empty year. In my search for a song for this year, puts this song at number 5 for the best 50 songs released in 2017 and yes I certainly agree with their assessment.

This song combines powerful lyrics with a full orchestral accompaniment against U2’s rock genre. The theme of the song is also something I can relate to. The key lines that immediately jumped out at me were:

I shouldn’t be here ’cause I should be dead
I can see the lights in front of me
I believe my best days are ahead
I can see the lights in front of me
Oh Jesus if I’m still your friend
What the hell
What the hell you got for me
I gotta get out from under my bed
I can see again the lights in front of me
Hey I’ve been waiting to get home a long time

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