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Week 32 Video Playlist

So this week the two songs that make my shortlist for the best video are:

  1. Never tear us apart, INXS
  2. Head over feet, Alanis Morissette

The second video is a little disconcerting because the song’s lyrics is about a woman who has found the love of her life yet Alanis’s facial expressions in this song convey a deep incongruence between the expected emotion of the song and the emotion she conveys in the images of this video. In some ways, you can almost that the woman in the video is suffering from some major psychological disturbance rather than being a healthy individual singing about the joys of her new romantic relationship

Thus my vote this week goes to Never tear us apart by INXS. The city that this video is filmed in is Prague which is an incredibly beautiful city and very well worth visiting if you have never been there. I also like the scene change at 1 minute 24 seconds which accompanies the line “two worlds colliding”

If you hover your mouse over the top right of this video window, you will see a button. Clicking on this icon will bring up the full play list of videos and you can scroll down to select whichever one you to play.

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