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Week 63 Video Playlist

OK so this week there are some very evocative videos. My top three would be:

  • Tainted Love, Soft Cell
  • Sing, Travis
  • Lyin’ Eyes, The Eagles

This last song I just love because there are a bunch of Eagle band members donning guitars and singing the lyrics of Lyin’ Eyes which is one of the Eagles all time classics. Such a lovely guitar arrangement as well. Let’s face it, anything with a twelve string acoustic is worth listening to in my opinion.

The soft cell video is truly bizarre in fact you could even say disturbing. Not sure what all the imagery means but it makes for interesting viewing.

However, I think the best video this week must be Sing by Travis. Again some really great imagery in the video including a massive food fight with a giant octopus being flung across the room. The monkey switching back on the TV and turning up the volume is also pretty cool. Overall, just a great video.

If you hover your mouse over the top right of this video window, you will see a button. Clicking on this icon will bring up the full play list of videos and you can scroll down to select whichever one you to play.

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