Week 10

23rd — 29th of May 2020

Day 70: 1984 By David Bowie

Wow another milestone. This completes my David Bowie trilogy with the last 1984 themed-based song from his Diamond Dogs album. I remember really wanting to have a New Years’ Eve party because wouldn’t it have been great to play this song at midnight on the dawn of 1984 (just as good as playing Prince’s 1999 …

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Day 69: We are the dead

OK given Helen is currently reading 1984 and since there is no discernible change in the Johnson government’s behaviour, I thought I would share two more songs from David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album before returning to my 21st century theme. The second half of the album had three songs all dedicated to the dystopian novel …

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Day 66: Make Nice, Dixie Chicks

“I’m not ready make nice, I’m not ready to back down, I’m still mad as hell and I don’t have time to go round and round and round.“ Boy have we been taken around the houses today with a Rose Garden “Prime Ministerial/Dominic Cummings” press briefing. I think I feel more anxious than angry as …

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Day 64: 5:15 am, Mark Knopfler

Another lovely song from another great wordsmith. A great little story that unfolds in this song. The bandit manCame north to fill his bootsCame up from cockneylandE-type jags and flashy suitsThe bandit manCame up the great north roadUp to geordielandTo mine the mother lode

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