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Like many during the Covid lockdown, I killed some hours making thought videos on various topics. These topics included politics, science, religion and ethics. I feel it is important to explore these ideas because social media is driving many individuals to more extreme positions. The desire of one group wanting to radically redefine social norms, coupled to an opposing group wanting things to remain frozen in some mythical utopian past, is resulting in a contamination of the political process, whereby important existential issues like global heating and gross wealth inequality are not properly addressed because too much political capital is expended on ethical arguments that traditionally did not overly dominate the political landscape.

Yet as life returned to normal I have stopped making videos hence why the last one on this short list was filmed all the way back in July 2021. Maybe someday in the future, I shall pick up my camera again. Who knows? Hopefully, some of you might find the small number of videos I did produce interesting to watch.

If you do enjoy these videos, please do think about subscribing to my Youtube Bensonium Thought Videos channel using the red youtube button below. That way, if I ever do make another thought video you won’t miss out seeing it.

Date Published Youtube Video Key Words
22 July 2021 Global Heating & why our covid-19 response demonstrates we are not going to be able to correct it. , , ,
20 June 2021 Covid-19 Vaccination: why it is a good thing! , ,
17 May 2021 Christianity, The Republican Party and the Prisoner’s Dilemma , ,
7 April 2021 In Science we trust? ,
1 April 2021 Could Atheism, like the theism of the middle ages, be hampering scientific progress? , ,
25 March 2021 What’s causing Twenty-first Century Cultural Wars? , ,
17 March 2021 Voter Apathy
11 March 2021 Who are the Real Enemies of the People? ,
2 March 2021 The importance of Non Distortive Vote Tallying (NDVT) for the Health of Modern Democracies ,
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