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Like many during the Covid lockdown, I killed some hours making thought videos on various topics. These topics included politics, science, religion and ethics. I feel it is important to explore these ideas because social media is driving many individuals to more extreme positions. The desire of one group wanting to radically redefine social norms, coupled to an opposing group wanting things to remain frozen in some mythical utopian past, is resulting in a contamination of the political process, whereby important existential issues like global heating and gross wealth inequality are not properly addressed because too much political capital is expended on ethical arguments that traditionally did not overly dominate the political landscape.

Yet as life returned to normal I have stopped making videos hence why the last one on this short list was filmed all the way back in July 2021. Maybe someday in the future, I shall pick up my camera again. Who knows? Hopefully, some of you might find the small number of videos I did produce interesting to watch.

If you do enjoy these videos, please do think about subscribing to my Youtube Bensonium Thought Videos channel using the red youtube button below. That way, if I ever do make another thought video you won’t miss out seeing it.

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22 July 2021 Global Heating & why our covid-19 response demonstrates we are not going to be able to correct it.
This thought video I’m afraid is a little dark so if you don’t want to face the bad news of global warming I suggest you don’t watch this one. In the video I explain why I think we are in deep trouble in relation to global heating and why we now have no hope of […]
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20 June 2021 Covid-19 Vaccination: why it is a good thing!
This video is a defence of the Covid-19 vaccines and a critique of the anti vaccination movement. It also examines some of the claims made against the vaccines by Dr Mike Yeadon who, for reasons only known to himself, has decided to accuse the whole scientific community of criminal activity including the outrageous idea that […]
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17 May 2021 Christianity, The Republican Party and the Prisoner’s Dilemma
In this video I consider the current upheaval that the US Republican party is currently experiencing due to Trump’s continued hold over the party post his 2020 election defeat. As part of the analysis I consider a famous game theory thought experiment known as the Prisoner’s Dilemma and explain how the Dilemma sadly allows despotic […]
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7 April 2021 In Science we trust?
In this video I explore the question of whether the scientific method has its limits in terms of the addressing the challenges we currently face. The correct answer to this question is particularly critical in relation to the most pressing challenge of global heating. It is my contention that our over-estimation of what we can […]
1 April 2021 Could Atheism, like the theism of the middle ages, be hampering scientific progress?
Given it is Good Friday tomorrow, I thought I would do my first thought video on God and Science. In this video I explain why the principle of Occam’s razor is so important to the scientific method and yet the nature of this principle means that God can never enter into the scientific paradigm because […]
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25 March 2021 What’s causing Twenty-first Century Cultural Wars?
In this video I explore the cause of what many commentators have commonly referred to as the 21st century culture wars. In general, we are now living in a time where political thinking has become extremely polarised around a very limited and defined set of ethical issues which include women’s reproductive rights and LBGTQI issues. […]
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17 March 2021 Voter Apathy
This week’s video considers in more detail the problem of voter apathy and how it is damaging to Western democracies. I also explore the possible causes of voter apathy including the commonly held view that all politicians are equally bad and show why this belief is both wrong and foolish. Other topics discussed in this […]
11 March 2021 Who are the Real Enemies of the People?
This video explores how certain sections of the modern media spread such falsehood, hate and bile that it could be argued they are an enemy of the people in the sense that their overall effect on the population as a whole is largely negative. Yet sadly, these same outlets control the narrative so often newpapers […]
2 March 2021 The importance of Non Distortive Vote Tallying (NDVT) for the Health of Modern Democracies
In this video, I consider why it is important for democracy that a voting system truly reflects the majority vote. Systems such as the US Electoral College and the UK’s “First Past the Post” system are dangerously antiquated and need to be replaced as soon as possible. Leaving them in place opens the possibility that […]
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