Week 12

6th — 12th of June 2020

Day 82: Zombie, The Cranberries

Again I was so sad when I heard Dolores passed away. Too many great musicians die too young. I guess it is those with tortured souls who produce the best music.

Day 81: Nothing compares to you, Sinéad O’Connor

I quite like the way Sinéad kind of flattens the “to you” at the end of the chorus. Sadly, I heard recently she was suffering from severe mental health problems. This world certainly is enough to break people sadly.

Day 79: Hunter by Dido

I loved this woman’s voice. This was her first hit that made me notice Dido. I have already posted another hit of hers many moons ago (day 2 in fact). Unfortunately, her voice live is not as good as the album recording.

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