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Day 97: How do you sleep at night?, John Lennon

Such an angry song sadly directed against his former band mate Paul McCartney. However it is a great tune that I can re-purpose for a much more deserving recipient, our current Prime Minister and charlatan Boris Johnson. On the night... View Article

Day 96: Father and Son, Cat Stevens

I remember doing this song with one of my best mates Simon beard. I sang the father part he sung the part of the son. Such a beautiful song.

Day 95: Don’t let me down, The Beatles

Let’s stay in the 60s for a little longer. This is getting towards the end of the Beatles career as judged by Paul McCartney’s beard. What a great little clip to find on Youtube. Love the guys in the background... View Article

Day 92: Oliver’s army, Elvis Costello

OK here is another funny memory. I guess I have slipped into a musical theme of great concerts I was blessed with as a young “twenty something year old” living in the vibrant city of Sydney, at the time when... View Article