Week 15

27th of June — 3rd of July 2020

Day 103: One night in Bangkok, Chess

Over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with chess. A game I would love to be good at but alas stuck at a rating of about 1200. Great musical though.

Day 102: One day more, Les Misérables

I fell in love with this musical in my twenties when I first saw a performance of it out doors in Sydney. It even stimulated me to read Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables which is a very loooong book and is much darker than even the musical.

Day 99: American Pie, Don Mclean

I spent some time learning every verse to this song. Again brings back very pleasant memories of lovely holidays at Barrington Guest house (see Covid Island Discs Day 2). This song was now written a long, long time ago.

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