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Day 147: Edge of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks

One of Fleetwood Mac’s front woman also has a very successful solo career. This is perhaps one of her best known songs although I always assumed it would be called White Wing Dove.

Day 146: Tusk, Fleetwood Mac

This song came out when I was in year 8 at school. Can remember first listening to this track at a friend’s place. Tusk is a really good album, nearly as good as Rumours in my opinion.

Day 145: No Myth, Michael Penn

This song came out when I was first learning guitar and a mate of mine kindly wrote out all the chords of this song for me. Took me ages to get the strumming right for this one.

Day 141: Fool’s Overture, Supertramp

Time for another Supertramp song. This is taken from their “Even Quietest Moments” album. Supertramp at their best. This concert version of the song is really impressive because they assembled such a large group of musicians to perform the number;... View Article