Week 21

8th — 14th of August 2020

Day 147: Edge of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks

One of Fleetwood Mac’s front woman also has a very successful solo career. This is perhaps one of her best known songs although I always assumed it would be called White Wing Dove.

Day 146: Tusk, Fleetwood Mac

This song came out when I was in year 8 at school. Can remember first listening to this track at a friend’s place. Tusk is a really good album, nearly as good as Rumours in my opinion.

Day 145: No Myth, Michael Penn

This song came out when I was first learning guitar and a mate of mine kindly wrote out all the chords of this song for me. Took me ages to get the strumming right for this one.

Day 142: The Eve of War, War of the Worlds, Jeff Wayne

Now this is a cool find on Youtube. The “Eve of War” from “War of the Worlds” being performed live. Another incredible piece of music. Hmm, I don’t think those women are playing Stradivarius violins however given these babies have no bodies (the violins I mean not the women).

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