Week 29

3rd — 9th of October 2020

Day 202: Needle and the damage done, Neil Young

Another one from my musical centre. Neil Young music is like an old friend to me. This song is particularly poignant especially since my first job was working in a drug and alcohol unit at Westmead hospital. It was there I began to understand the complexities of drug addiction especially addiction to heroin.

Day 201: Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush

This week I am returning to what I would call my musical centre. There are few people and groups that really dominate my collection and Kate definitely is in there. This really was the song that launched her long and distinguished career. An amazing and let’s not be honest about it, an absolutely stunning woman.

Day 198: Everybody hurts, REM

“Hello we are REM and this is what we do”. Cool intro. A nice simple song to play on guitar. Not sure what the blue strip across Stipe’s head is all about though 😄.

Day 197: Your Song by Elton John

Yep time for some more Elton John. I think this is one of his most prettiest songs and this clip is recorded before his voice was destroyed by singer’s node in the 80s.

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