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Day 216: At Seventeen, Janis Ian

So yesterday I posted a song (Vincent by Don Mclean) which was chosen by our English teacher as her contribution to a writing exercise she set the class where we had to write an essay about two of our favourite... View Article

Day 215: Vincent, Don McLean

At the very beginning of Covid Island Discs (Day 3 in fact) I posted the song Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. The back story to that song was that in year 11 we had to write an essay on... View Article

Day 214: Both Sides now, Joni Mitchell

I really love this song, the lyrics are so beautiful. The last verse is especially poignant: Tears and fears and feeling proud To say, “I love you” right out loud Dreams and schemes and circus crowds I’ve looked at life... View Article

Day 212: Be Yourself, Audioslave

Time from some more heavy rock. I quite like the lyrics to this song: “be yourself is all that you can do.” Surely a simple self-evident truth?

Day 211: The name of the game, Abba

Another song by a band that is often considered by many as a band for the teeny boppers of the the 70s. Yet Abba wrote some very interesting songs with very interesting lyrics and here is another song from their... View Article