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Day 231: Hard Rock Café, Carol King

This song makes me feel a little melancholy. One of my earliest trips to the UK was 1976 when my cousin Michael took me as a child to the Hard Rock café in London. My cousin was a full sixteen... View Article

Day 230: Boys of Summer, Don Henley

Oh the pain. Today the UK re-enters lockdown although this was announced last Saturday as obviously the last thing you need to do when a contagion is in exponential growth phase is act quickly. I just hope one day I... View Article

Day 228: In the end nobody wins, Elton John

This song always reminds me of my parents marriage which was far from happy. Yet somehow despite all the fights breakups and tears they somehow stayed together until the end of their lives.

Day 225: Free Fallin’, Tom Petty

While I don’t have any Tom Petty albums, except for when he was part of the Travelling Wilbury’s I really like this song. Was also sad to hear when he passed away from in 2017. I thought he died of... View Article