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Day 238: Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who

Hope this sentiment holds for the USA and that they are never fooled again by a charlatan like Trump. For that matter, I also hope that our Trump-like prime minister’s time is also short and we can finally rid ourselves... View Article

Day 236: Already Gone, The Eagles

Time for more Eagles I feel. I remember seeing the Eagles in concert back in the day when George Bush junior was President. They introduced this song by stating that they hoped Bush would already been gone by the time... View Article

Day 235: Paperback writer

Always enjoy finding Beatles videos on Youtube because there aren’t many of them. I guess I can relate to this song as I too have written a paperback although its not really “a dirty story about a dirty man” ????

Day 233: The Monster Mash, Bobby Pickett

Wow who remembers this classic? Ha he sounds a bit like Rees Mogg. Should have posted this a week ago for halloween but sadly that was the day Sean Connery died.