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Day 252: All night Long, Lionel Richie

Yesterday I posted the song “Africa” by Toto. Along with “Eye of the tiger”, this song reminds me of a youth camp I attended in 1983. The final song that I associate with this camp is this classic tune by... View Article

Day 251: Africa, Toto

This song came out in my teenage years around the same time as the Rock movie theme tune, Eye of the Tiger. I mentioned in that post about a camp I attended where we stayed up all night watching Rocky... View Article

Day 250: Going Home, Mark Knopfler

Such a lovely piece of music that brings back pleasant memories of the movie Local Hero which came out in 1983 when I was still at school. A nice concert performance of this timeless classic although this version does lack... View Article

Day 249: Beat It, Michael Jackson

OK I have resisted putting in a Michael Jackson until now as he is not one of my favourite artists. However, let’s face it he is mega famous and certainly part of modern rock pop so here is my Covid... View Article

Day 248: Shame, Shame Foo Fighters

First for this band in Covid Island Discs. Like the way they combine the word shame with the guitar. Postscript March 2022: RIP Taylor Hawkins.

Day 247: Jump, Van Halen

Another very famous rock classic. Even after so many days of Covid Island Discs there are still classics to find on Youtube.

Day 246: Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

Ok so this song brings back lots of teenage memories for me. I remember going on a youth camp when I was about 16 and one night we had a video night where we watched all the Rocky movies back... View Article