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Day 252: All night Long, Lionel Richie

Yesterday I posted the song “Africa” by Toto. Along with “Eye of the tiger”, this song reminds me of a youth camp I attended in 1983. The final song that I associate with this camp is this classic tune by Lionel Richie.

On the camp was some guy whose nickname was “mouse” (can’t remember his real name now). Anyway, as was the tradition at these camps, on the final night campers would produce a concert where different groups presented funny sketches or songs etc. We took this song and changed the words so that it was captured the funny events of this particular camp (I’m sure the song we wrote wasn’t that funny but when you’re an immature 17 year old you think everything you come up with is funny). Anyway the one line from the song I can remember was “All night long, Mouse sang this song.” Very witty Wilde (not!).

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