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Day 301: We didn’t start the fire, Billy Joel

This song seems strangely appropriate to finish off this week given the incredible scenes we experienced last week with the storming of the US Capitol building by Trump insurrectionists. We are certainly living in history making times but as Billy... View Article

Day 300: Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna

So this is the first Madonna song to make it into Covid Island Discs. Although I’m not a great fan of Madonna, I do like this song. It also captures an intense family moment as a daughter begs her father... View Article

Day 298: Common People, Pulp

Another song from the band Pulp. I guess this English band’s song picks up the very much alive English class system. And here is a comical rewording of the song aimed against one of the most elitist politicians in the... View Article

Day 296: Brimful of Asha, Cornershop

A fun song from the 1990s. This is actually a remixed version which is significantly faster than the original. This version reached number one in both the UK and USA charts while the original version (also on this post) reached... View Article