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Day 308: Mr Jones, Counting Crows

First appearance of this band on Covid Island Discs. This of course is a pretty classic rock tune so deserves its place in my playlist. I guess this song captures the “fairytales” that male friends tell each other about pretty... View Article

Day 307: One of us, Joan Osborne

This song came out in 1995 and is rather ironic because if you’re a Christian, you believe that God really did become one of us in the incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth born circa 4 BC in Bethlehem. Joan Osborne... View Article

Day 306: Be good Johnny, Men at Work

Men at work are probably known in most countries as a one hit wonder band with their most famous song being Down Under (Covid Island Discs day 30). However in Australia they did have other hits, and this was one... View Article

Day 303: Mad hatter, Melanie Martinez

Another psychedelic song by Melanie. The song in this video strangely does not start until 1 minute 8 seconds into the video. A very 21st century song.

Day 302: Road to nowhere, Talking Heads

Time for another song from Talking Heads. Perhaps in the covid year of 2020 many felt like life was in some sort of suspended animation as everything appeared to be put in hold. Obviously we had hoped that life would... View Article