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Day 322: The Ghost Inside, Broken Bells

Covid Island Discs the missing years So over the next few days I am going to publish songs that were released in years that are currently empty in my Covid Island Disc collection. Up until today, there were no songs... View Article

Day 312: Jesus he knows me, Genesis

A very dark song by Genesis taking a very appropriate dig at the false prophets of Christianity that use the things of Jesus to make a shed load of money by conning the gullible out of their hard earned cash.... View Article

Day 320: Waiting on a war, Foo Fighters

So if you click on my release dates, you will see that my musical centre is around the 70s and 80s. Likewise there is a distinct drop off in youtube video release dates post 2010. I’ll be honest, I haven’t... View Article

Day 318: Still the Same, Bob Seger

Time for another Bob Seger song. This song reminds me of the Gambler song by Kenny Rogers. I sometimes like to imagine that the gambler subject of both songs is the same person What I mean by this is the... View Article

Day 317: Ocean Eyes, Billie Eilish

So this song surprised me a little. I associate Billie Eilish with more odd sounding music but my daughter pointed me to her first album and I was really impressed with this song. It’s a shame in a way that... View Article

Day 316: Cambodia, Kim Wilde

So the last song of Kim Wilde’s I shared was a comical Christmas song: Rockin’ around the Christmas tree a duet between her and the late great comedian Mel Smith. This song is at the opposite end of the spectrum... View Article