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Day 357: Thank you, Dido

I think it is time for another Dido song. This one has Dido’s signature laid back percussion feel to it. The perfect song to unwind to after a hard day at work. The video to this song is also pretty... View Article

Day 356: If you leave me now, Chicago

Time for a soppy love song. This song is pretty and dominated the airwaves when it was first released in 1976. It reminds me very much of the Max Merritt classic Slipping Away which I have already cited on Covid... View Article

Day 355: A new England, Kirsty Macoll

A pretty song by a UK artist who lost her life in 2000 in terrible circumstances. Kirsty MacColl was holidaying in Mexico when she and her sons went diving in the Chankanaab reef. Not sure if this is correct, but... View Article

Day 354: Over and Over, Fleetwood Mac

While Fleetwood Mac’s most famous album is probably Rumours, their album Tusk also had some gems on it. I have already cited the song Tusk from the album but probably one of the prettiest song on this album was the... View Article

Day 353: Keep good company, Queen

This little number appeared on Queen’s “Night at the Opera” album which in my view was by far their best album. I really like this little ditty as it captures the wise truth that it is very easy to lose... View Article