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Day 355: A new England, Kirsty Macoll

A pretty song by a UK artist who lost her life in 2000 in terrible circumstances. Kirsty MacColl was holidaying in Mexico when she and her sons went diving in the Chankanaab reef. Not sure if this is correct, but I read on a feed that she was pregnant with the son whose life she saved in 2000.

As the group was surfacing from a dive, a powerboat moving at high speed entered the restricted area. MacColl saw the boat coming before her sons did. Louis, age 13 at the time, was not in its path, but Jamie, age 15, was. She was able to push him out of the way (he sustained minor head and rib injuries), but she was struck by the boat which ran over her. MacColl suffered severe chest injuries and died instantly (taken from Wikipedia).

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