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Day 371: Lithium, Evanescence

Another classic from Evanescence. This song kind of reminds me of my father because lithium is the main drug they use to treat bipolar disorder. Lithium is a mood stabiliser removing both the highs of hypomania and the lows of... View Article

Day 369: Death on two legs, Queen

So yesterday I cited “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner and when writing about this song I said that its intense anger reminded me a little of the Queen classic “Death on two legs”. Here is a live version of the... View Article

Day 370: Cold as Ice, Foreigner

I am always surprised that even after a full year citing songs for Covid Island Discs I suddenly discover absolute classic rock tunes which I have yet to cite. The band Foreigner certainly deserves its place in Covid Island Discs... View Article

Day 368: Holding on for Life, Broken Bells

I discovered this band when filling in Covid Island Discs the missing years. The first song of theirs I cited back on day 322 was The Ghost Inside. The lyrics of this song fitted a science fiction theme about a... View Article

Day 367: Penny Lane, The Beatles

Covid Island Discs Covid Island new year’s Day So what mega band do I open up the second year of Covid Island Discs (hopefully the UK lockdown won’t last for two years)? Well surely it has to be arguably the... View Article

Day 366: The Logical Song, Supertramp

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs Covid Island new year’s eve Well we’ve made it. Tomorrow one year ago I started Covid Island Discs. Little did I (or indeed the world know) just how devastating this disease... View Article