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Day 412: Russians, Sting

This song I guess is a bit dated now, but it captures the nervousness of a potential nuclear war that hovered over all us during the cold war. As someone who loves lyrics this song certainly is a good example... View Article

Day 411: Through these walls, Phil Collins

This song captures an unusual theme. It is written from the perspective of a sexual pervert who listens “through these walls” at couples making love and sees through the windows at the girls and boys imagining the noise. As the... View Article

Day 409: Yahweh, U2

As a Christian of some 50 years I can relate to this song. Sadly life is not easy for anyone and sometimes it is so hard to make sense of the odd reality in which we all find ourselves.

Day 407: Cool for Cats, Squeeze

So what do I open up week 59 with? How about this little number from the British band the Squeeze which was a hit in 1979. “Cool for cats” is certainly one of those songs that everyone who was born... View Article