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Day 475: Reckless, Australian Crawl

Staying with Aussie bands this week here is another hit from the band Australian Crawl. The line I really like in this song is about the Manly ferry making its way to Circular Key. For anyone who grew up on... View Article

Day 474: Forever Now, Cold Chisel

Another classic from the Aussie band Cold Chisel. Unfortunately the audio quality on this video isn’t great but the song is well worth listening to if you have not heard it before.

Day 473: Call me when you’re sober, Evanescence

A final song from Evanesence and another incredibly intense song from Amy Lee. This song is particularly poignant because it is about an ex-boyfriend of hers Shaun Morgan who suffered from drug addiction. As with every Evanescence song, this video... View Article

Day 472: And she was, Talking Heads

Another classic from the band Talking Heads. I must confess I am getting writing fatigue as I never thought this covid nightmare would continue on and on and on and on.. Therefore best just to enjoy the music. The video... View Article

Day 471: Come as you are, Nirvana

Time for another Nirvana hit. I think the most distinctive thing about this song is the base riff. Nirvana always remind me of my early days in Manchester all the way back in the ’90s. In those days I was... View Article

Day 470: I send a message, INXS

Ok time for another INXS song. This is another song that I changed the lyrics of to create a joke song for a St Paul’s fellowship weekend away all the way back when this song was first released on the... View Article