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Day 327: Viva La Vida, Coldplay

Recently I watched a Youtube video about Coldplay which discussed why they lost their popularity in the naughties. This is the title song from their album Viva-la-vida; an album which did not do as well as their first set of... View Article

Day 61: The Scientist, Coldplay

Another one of my favourite Coldplay songs for sooo many reasons. The line that rings so true to me (especially in relation to my past chosen career of cell biology) is: “Nobody said it be easy, nobody said it would... View Article

Day 60: Fix You, Coldplay

I guess we hit another milestone, 63 days in lockdown and 64 days since I last swam. This song seems strangely appropriate. When I was in high school, I once was doing the lighting for a school play. While I... View Article