Day 142: The Eve of War, War of the Worlds, Jeff Wayne

Now this is a cool find on Youtube. The “Eve of War” from “War of the Worlds” being performed live. Another incredible piece of music. Hmm, I don’t think those women are playing Stradivarius violins however given these babies have no bodies (the violins I mean not the women).

Day 103: One night in Bangkok, Chess

Over the years I have had a love/hate relationship with chess. A game I would love to be good at but alas stuck at a rating of about 1200. Great musical though.

Day 102: One day more, Les Misérables

I fell in love with this musical in my twenties when I first saw a performance of it out doors in Sydney. It even stimulated me to read Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables which is a very loooong book and is much darker than even the musical.

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