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Day 447: Alabama, Neil Young

So this is one of Neil’s protest songs against the USA southern state racism. This song would lead Lynyrd Skynyrd to decry Young name in his most famous song Sweet Home Alabama (see tomorrow’s post).

Day 414: Heart of Gold, Neil Young

To open week 60, I shall start with probably one of the most famous Neil Young songs of his very large repertoire which is Heart of Gold. This concert was recorded for the BBC all the way back in 1971... View Article

Day 338: When God made me, Neil Young

Although I keep up to date with my Covid Island Disc blog, I am way behind on my summary videos for each week. When recording the summary video for week 20, the artist I focussed on was Neil Young. In... View Article

Day 140: Old Man, Neil Young

Love playing this song on my guitar. Remember first seeing this clip back in ’93 when I was sharing a flat in Manchester with a group of university students. Those were the days of video recorders so I recorded the... View Article

Day 74: Four Dead in Ohio

Once again the depressing news cycle makes me break out of my 21st century music theme. This Neil Young protest song seems oddly appropriate this evening as it captures the story of the murder of four college students and the... View Article