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Day 453: Babaji, Supertramp

A final song from Supertramp as Covid Island Discs draws to a close. Another intense song from a band that for me is like an old friend – their music brings me much joy and comfort.

Day 366: The Logical Song, Supertramp

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs Covid Island new year’s eve Well we’ve made it. Tomorrow one year ago I started Covid Island Discs. Little did I (or indeed the world know) just how devastating this disease... View Article

Day 330: Dreamer, Supertramp

Time for another song from one of my all time favourite bands Supertramp. Dreamer was one of their hit songs from their Crime of the Century album and it certainly made the Aussie singles and album charts. When I listen... View Article

Day 141: Fool’s Overture, Supertramp

Time for another Supertramp song. This is taken from their “Even Quietest Moments” album. Supertramp at their best. This concert version of the song is really impressive because they assembled such a large group of musicians to perform the number;... View Article

Day 1: Hide in your shell, Supertramp

OK day 1 of social isolation. To keep myself and perhaps some of you guys amused I am going to post a song from Youtube each day and a bit about why I like it. Rather than call it Desert Island... View Article