Day 346: Riders on the Storm, The Doors

Wow can’t believe I got all the way to day 346 without a Doors song. I guess this is probably one of their most famous singles. Citing a Doors classic reminds me of a Billy Joel Classic which will be the subject of tomorrow’s Covid Island Disc.

Day 238: Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who

Hope this sentiment holds for the USA and that they are never fooled again by a charlatan like Trump. For that matter, I also hope that our Trump-like prime minister’s time is also short and we can finally rid ourselves of our aberrant nationalistic hard right wing Conservative Party.

Day 181: You’ve got a friend, James Taylor

This song is actually another Carol King classic which also appeared on her Tapestry album (see yesteday’s post). However, I also really like Jame’s Taylor’s version of the song. In this post I have also included Carol King’s version as well. James Taylor Carol King

Day 161: Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones

I guess a hit from the The rolling stones is long overdue although I must confess they are not one of my favourite bands. What song to choose? Well given my book The Wormwood Deceptions is all about how the devil uses his lies to entrap humanity this tune seems to be the most appropriate.

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