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Day 390: Tiny Dancer, Elton John

This song always reminds me of the most amazing Elton John concert I attended with a good friend all the way back in 1986. This was a really special concert where Elton teamed up with the Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra. One... View Article

Day 346: Riders on the Storm, The Doors

Wow can’t believe I got all the way to day 346 without a Doors song. I guess this is probably one of their most famous singles. Citing a Doors classic reminds me of a Billy Joel Classic which will be... View Article

Day 274: Song for Dylan, David Bowie

I ended last week’s Covid Island Discs with another song from Bob Dylan. This reminded me of a David Bowie song which is a tribute to Dylan’s musical genius. Really think the lines below that Bowie penned about Dylan are... View Article

Day 238: Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who

Hope this sentiment holds for the USA and that they are never fooled again by a charlatan like Trump. For that matter, I also hope that our Trump-like prime minister’s time is also short and we can finally rid ourselves... View Article

Day 215: Vincent, Don McLean

At the very beginning of Covid Island Discs (Day 3 in fact) I posted the song Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits. The back story to that song was that in year 11 we had to write an essay on... View Article

Day 181: You’ve got a friend, James Taylor

This song is actually another Carol King classic which also appeared on her Tapestry album (see yesteday’s post). However, I also really like Jame’s Taylor’s version of the song. In this post I have also included Carol King’s version as... View Article

Day 180: Tapestry by Carol King

I am a little surprised I have not included a Carol King song in my collection yet. I wanted to find a live performance of her song Tapestry because once again I find the lyrics of this song more interesting... View Article

Day 133: Maggie May, Rod Stewart

“All you did was wreck my bed and in the morning kicked me the head.” Such romantic lyrics. This is a live version of the song which begins with a slower melody than the origin album version. Another cool thing... View Article