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Day 330: Dreamer, Supertramp

Time for another song from one of my all time favourite bands Supertramp. Dreamer was one of their hit songs from their Crime of the Century album and it certainly made the Aussie singles and album charts. When I listen... View Article

Day 270: It’s Magic, Pilot

OK so this song is at the extreme end of pop. Some may argue the worst of the seventies. I include this song however for a very specific reason. My autistic daughter is unable to hold a conversation so understanding... View Article

Day 243: Mandy, Barry Manilow

A Barry Manilow album is not something I would purchase but this song of his is very pretty and deserves its place in Covid Island Discs.

Day 236: Already Gone, The Eagles

Time for more Eagles I feel. I remember seeing the Eagles in concert back in the day when George Bush junior was President. They introduced this song by stating that they hoped Bush would already been gone by the time... View Article