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Day 406: Planet Claire, B52s

Now this song fits the psychedelic sci-fi pop genre perfectly. A complete classic from the rather “out there” band the B52s. This is their third appearance in Covid Island Discs. Enjoy Kate’s continuous singing of a single note being electronically... View Article

Day 361: Hammer Horror, Kate Bush

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs T -6 So this song was a hit from Kate Bush’s album Lionheart. Is is a particularly intense and musically dramatic song and the accompanying video has all the Kate Bush... View Article

Day 341: Roxanne, The Police

Wow how could I have left this song for so long. What an absolute rock classic. Love the upstroke guitar strum throughout the song. Probably one of the best Police songs ever.

Day 318: Still the Same, Bob Seger

Time for another Bob Seger song. This song reminds me of the Gambler song by Kenny Rogers. I sometimes like to imagine that the gambler subject of both songs is the same person What I mean by this is the... View Article

Day 253: Song for Guy, Elton John

I remember falling in love with this piece by Elton John when I first heard it as a child (released in 1978). I just love the piano chord progression with the clever use of synthesizer and the gentle castanet percussion... View Article