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Day 361: Hammer Horror, Kate Bush

Countdown to the year anniversary of Covid Island Discs T -6

So this song was a hit from Kate Bush’s album Lionheart. Is is a particularly intense and musically dramatic song and the accompanying video has all the Kate Bush trademarks including great choreography and the persistent image trace of her moving arms. The guy dressed all in black with a black hood adds a menacing touch to the video to match the menacing feel the lyrics of the song also create.

The song itself is based around the film production company Hammer which is based in London and produced many classic horror movies including Baron Victor Frankenstein, Count Dracula, and the Mummy, which Hammer reintroduced to audiences by filming them in colour for the first time. Apparently Kate Bush used to supply screams for horror movies so I wonder if she actually worked for Hammer in her early days?

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