Day 440: Since you’ve been gone, Rainbow

Time for a bit of a meme song. This is certain one of those rock and roll classics that everyone knows yet the first time Rainbow has appeared in Covid Island Discs. Like the key change in the middle of the song.

Day 407: Cool for Cats, Squeeze

So what do I open up week 59 with? How about this little number from the British band the Squeeze which was a hit in 1979. “Cool for cats” is certainly one of those songs that everyone who was born in the 60s will remember. Like the reference to the 70s police soap The Sweeney.

Day 342: My Sharona, The Knack

Another late 70s classic, This song certainly dominated the radio airwaves and is one of those classic dance tunes which is wheeled out by every DJ at a wedding reception at about 11:30 pm when everyone is in a dancing mood

Day 258: Brass in Pocket, The Pretenders

“????Make you, make you make you notice. Gone is my arms, gone is my legs, gone is my style .. cause I’m going to make you see no else here no one like me.????”

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